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How to Mitigate against Wireless Interference

If you have a wireless router and you are noticing dropouts lately then chances are that some other wireless signals are interfering with your router. I will tell you how you can detect such signals and also how you can mitigate such wireless interference.

The reason why you might experience interference is because pretty much all routers which are sold nowadays are working at only two frequency bands. The bands in question are the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. Each of these bands only has limited frequency space and therefore the number of channels also is limited. If you do notice some performance degradation of your wireless Internet lately then chances are that some other signal is affecting the transmission of your router.

Routers are set to a fixed frequency. If there are other routers in the area then there might be another router which is set to the same frequency. In that case, both signals will be sent on the same frequency space and can corrupt one another. The result is that data packets will get damaged and have to be retransmitted. That will slow down performance. You can detect such signals by performing a scan. This scan can be done by using a special router which …