What Type of Speakers Work Best Outdoors?

The outdoor environment poses quite a few challenges when it comes to setting up some speakers. However, speakers are crucial element in providing ambience to your outdoor party. There are plenty of manufacturers nowadays which offer Bluetooth speakers which are designed for outdoor use. But are those speakers ideal for your party? Certainly, they don’t cost more than $50 and sometimes even less than $20. But what do you really get for this amount of money? I will shed some light on speakers which are marketed for outdoor use and also give you some insights in what to watch out for in order to avoid mistakes.

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If you are still not certain what type of gift to give your loved ones, then you might want to look at some speakers for setting up outdoors. There are website such as Amazon.com or http://www.amphony.com/products/wireless-speaker.htm that offer wireless outdoor speakers. Certainly, it is now too cold to have an outdoor party but next summer is right around the corner. The party would not be much fun without some music and as such you need some suitable speakers. There are certain outdoor speakers which are passive speakers by design and as such need a certain amount of wiring in order to work. Depending on how far away the location of you speakers is from your source, you might end up with quite the project. Drilling holes into walls oftentimes poses a challenge. Alternatively you might want to look at some wireless speakers.

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Bluetooth speakers are quite popular and are also often waterproof. Being waterproof is a crucial characteristic in order for speakers to be suitable for outdoor use. However, another important criterion is the speaker wattage. Bluetooth speakers often operate from internal batteries and don’t offer more than five Watts wattage. For party that certainly is not sufficient. The speakers would work if they are close by but if you are entertaining guests in a fairly large open space then the speakers would feel horribly. Most likely, you will have to use some speakers which need to be plugged into an outlet. You will avoid the speaker wiring by choosing wireless speakers but keep in mind that the outlet has to be close by.

Aside from the wattage, also pay special attention to the make of the speaker. Water can easily creep inside speaker if they are small cracks. If you want to be 100% sure that the speaker will survive a thunderstorm then you might want to take it back indoors or you want to create some cover for it. Alternatively, you can simply mounted underneath a roof. Follow these guidelines and your next outdoor party should be a success.

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